Tuesday, August 23, 2016

nz research

Dogs are better than cats
I disagree dogs are better than cats
        Cats are a good inside Pitt for playing with Win it is a rainy day
  1. I think Dog is a dirty and you can't play with them inside
  2. Dogzer to begin to Dirty on carpet
  3. Cats and dogs because dogs us lottery they live outside and tubing
I think dogs are not as good as pets which 1 do you Put this in the
box you think is right

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rio grande do sul

It is the third largest producer of grain Where is the largest in Brazil  also being biggest interesting of research and technology also being biggest interesting of research and technology What two parts of super intelligent mechanics and footwear Its customers is all train on high work levels Support services to its diversified economy  Access to the main markets of South America access to the North American European and Asian markets is also guarantee to wall entrepreneurs integrated transport system 11.21 million

2000 kilometre radius of its capital  well right The steak and eggs of 60% of the United States parliament Having one of the best qualities of life in prison 281.748 billion m²